How to distinguish power strip quality

1. Extension cable
Check cable cross-section thickness.Poor quality cable usually use
inferior renewable plastic which have poor strength and easy break off.Then count cable copper core quantities,Good power strip require 25pcs high quality copper wire with 0.2mm diameter.While Poor quality power strip is triple pole outlet but actually only have two cable wire without earth lead which easily cause contact incident.Also there are less than 16pcs copper cores each cable.

2. Internal contact wire
High quality power strip is made of thicker pure copper wire. bright,solid welding spot.Cheaply made power strip use low cost copper or iron wire,small cross-sectional area,welding asperity and blushing.Checking lake of solder by contact point.High end power strip use more thick copper plate to prevent aerugo and contact well. The power strip wont be out of shape after more than 5000 times plug insertion and extraction.Poor power strip made of thin copper plate,which is easy corrode,bad contact and deformed easily.

3. Switch
The switch can reach 20000 times ON/OFF for high quality power strip.Poor switch with very short lifespan,easily lead to spark problem.

4. Outlet jack firmness.
Good power strip keep intact after many times insertion and extraction. Still tight over 5000 times. On the contrary,low-grade socket use iron plate or cheap material, give out heat easily,bad elasticity,will be loose after times insertion and extraction, short service life.

5. Outside enclosure and panel.
Cheap enclosure is fragile and easy split. Mess surface grain,non-reflecting finish,many enclosure burrs.Good power strip without such problems,come with good workmanship.

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